SEBMAG is a distributor of bakery and confectionery market since 2000 year. The seat of the company is in Ciechanow ( 100 km on north from Varsaw). Sebmag has two branches in Lomza (north eastern part of the Poland) and Olsztyn ( Warmia and Mazury regions).
In 2012 company was acquired by ORKLA FOOD INGREDIENTS. Many investments in last time made that company has qualified sales staff with technologist. Sales team is still going to improve their knowledge about needs of the market and trends. We are close to customers and intend to be a support for them. Sales staff provides professional advises about products and together with technologist help with calculations and other matters.
Sebmag cooperates with leaders of producers in confectionery and bakery market such as CREDIN, BELUSA FOODS, SONNEVELD, UNIFERM, LESAFFRE and others.  Productportfolio of Sebmag includes commodities, mixes and improvers, seeds, marmolades, fruit and chocolate fillings, service articles.  

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Prezentacja produktów GIUSO
data dodania: 2014-03-11 17:10:24

11 marca w Mikołajkach, (Stare Sady 1) odbędzie się prezentacja nowych smaków i wariacji lodowych firmy Giuso przy zastosowaniu wysokiej jakości komponentów.

W godz. 9:00-16:00 będzie można skorzystać  z profesjonalnych porad technologa, który opowie o przebiegu produkcji lodów, ich cechach i walorach, a także jak należy je eksponować i sprzedawać.

Służymy   pomocą  w bilansowaniu i tworzeniu gotowych receptur.

Prezentacja będzie połączona z degustacją, gdzie zainteresowani sami ocenią jakość produktów.


Serdecznie Zapraszamy do udziału!  Wydarzenie odbędzie się w Hotelu Mazurski Dworek  w Mikołajkach, Stare Sady 1


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data dodania: 2013-12-19 16:38:49

In computer sciencestring searching algorithms, sometimes called string matching algorithms, are an important class of string algorithms that try to find a place where one or several strings (also called patterns) are found within a larger string or text.

Let Σ be an alphabet (finite set). Formally, both the pattern and searched text are vectors of elements of Σ. The Σ may be a usual human alphabet (for example, the letters A through Z in the Latin alphabet). Other applications may use binary alphabet(Σ = {0,1}) or DNA alphabet (Σ = {A,C,G,T}) in bioinformatics.

In practice, how the string is encoded can affect the feasible string search algorithms. In particular if a variable width encoding is in use then it is slow (time proportional to N) to find the Nth character. This will significantly slow down many of the more advanced search algorithms. A possible solution is to search for the sequence of code units instead, but doing so may produce false matches unless the encoding is specifically designed to avoid it.

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